AVTA 1475 & 1400 - 16th July 2023 - Pre tournament announcement

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Hoang Anh (IT Admin)
Hoang Anh (IT Admin)

Hi All,

It’s game on this Sunday at East Burwood Tennis Club !! 🎾🥳

Please find the draws and play schedules below and on our Website (AVTATour dot com).



My image alt textMy image alt text

Some very important information you need to know:

  1. Door open at 7:30am, Announcements and group pictures at 7.45am

  2. 1475 will start first with first match starts at 8:00am SHARP!! Please checkout your play schedule above to know which court you will be playing and your match order

  3. Due to extremely tight schedule, if you come 15m late, you will be forfeiting the set (6-0). To ensure we can finish both competition on time, no exception will be given

  4. We will be using new balls for every 2 matches, please get new balls and drinks from Mimi at the organizer desk and return it after the match when you report your match score.

  5. After the match, a representative from both teams please go to Mimi to report your match score and return your balls.

  6. We will annouce the next match for each court on the loud speaker. So please make sure you are around before your next match starts (if we cannot find you for 15m after the previous match is finished, you will be forfeiting the game)

  7. All Round Robin will use golden point at 40-40 and tie break at 5-5. Tie break will be first to 7 and max 10 (e.g. if it is 9-9, whoever win the last point will win the game)

  8. All matches after Quarter final will play standard ATP format (no Golden point, tie break at 6-6)

If you have any questions, please contact organizers ASAP

Group allocations videos:


Code of Conduct This Code of Behaviour applies to all players, coaches, parents/guardians and spectators participating in or attending tournament.

The tournament committees (TTC) are committed to providing every member of the tennis community a welcoming, safe and inclusive tennis environment that promotes the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of all participants.

Participants are the custodians of the sport of tennis, and responsible for upholding the spirit of tennis.

Therefore, any participant who violate the code of behaviour will be disqualified.


  • Participants are responsible for their own health and wellbeing during the tournament.

  • Tennis players are allowed to request medical timeouts for non-acute injuries at changes of end, or between sets. Once their injury has been diagnosed, they are then allowed five minutes of treatment (max 3 times for the a whole set).

  • TTC will also can disqualify person or team if the points ranking is inaccurate to make sure the game is fair.

  • TTC will organise referees for Quarter, Semi and Final matches .

    Players in 1 team can talk quickly before 1st serve or when the ball on their court (but can not disrupt others)

  • On court Referee decision is final

  • Team will be disqualified if:

    • Late more than 15 minutes

    • Medical timeout more than 15 minutes

    • Not obey on court referee directions or decisions

    • Unsportsmanlike conducts such as throw a racket, hit a ball whether or not the racket or ball hit a person or anything; Swearing or verbal abuse at anyone including but not limited to Chair Umpire, opponent, spectator or other person within the precincts of the tournament site.

    • Recommend point (not given by AVTA) is incorrect and has impacted on the whole tournament integrity

    • Team to get balls and water from TTC before the match and return balls and water bottles when finished. Make sure no balls or water bottles/ rubbish on court.

  • Points changes:

    • 10 points will be added to the tournament winners and runner up

    • 5 points will be added to third place

    • if your team lost more than 50% of the group stage matches and get eliminated, 5 points will be deducted


  1. All set is First to Six (6) games, with a tie-breaker to be played at 5 games all (result entry for tie-break sets: 6/5 to the Winning team).

  2. Tie-breakers are first to 7 points but max 10 points (first to 10 win). The traditional 12 point tie-break (first to 7 points with a margin of at least 2 points) will be apply to Quarterfinal, Semi Final or Final.

  3. When the score is 40-40 in a game, we will play for “Golden Point”: Whichever team win this point will win the game. The Receiver team can choose which player from their team to receive the ball.

  4. Team loses 2 games will not progress further

  5. Special situation when there is 3 teams in 1 group

    • If 2 teams both win or lose , then the team who win the face to face game will win; or

    • Net of Win less Lose points; or

    • Pick winner from the ballot

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