AVTA 1525 and 1375 May 2023 in Review

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Hoang Anh (IT Admin)
Hoang Anh (IT Admin)

Dear players,

It has been more than 1 month since the last AVTA Tournament which was held for the first time at the beautiful Burden Park Tennis Club. In case if you had left early that day:

"Kong Kourn and Thomas Le emerged victorious in the 1525 division (https://avtatour.com/competitions/avta-tour-1525-may-2023), showcasing their remarkable skill and tenacity. Their exceptional performance, coupled with the overwhelming support from the passionate Burden Park fan base, made it a truly memorable moment. The chants of "Burden Park, Burden Park, Burden Park" and the iconic King Kong noise reverberated through the venue, undoubtedly boosting the spirits of Kong and Thomas, who remarkably played their 11th set of the day 😳. Their triumph in the final was an absolute nail-biter, considered one of the closest and most dramatic in the history of the AVTA Tour. (You can watch the highlights here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc3bYEmjrOs. Don't miss Tien's mind-blowing dive!)

In the 1375 division (https://avtatour.com/competitions/avta-tour-1375-may-2023), Sonny Valente and Loi Vo proved their mettle, securing the title for Burden Park Tennis. With the added advantage of living just five minutes away from the venue, their home-court advantage played a significant role in their success. They triumphed over the formidable duo of Luan Vuong and Jason Duong, who were previous Double Championship winners. It was a thrilling final that kept fans on the edge of their seats, and Sonny and Loi Vo emerged victorious, completing the "Take it all" for Burden Park Tennis."

Check out great photos we took on the day https://photos.app.goo.gl/d1uw5PqzciapF2JD7. If you have nice photos you would like to share, you can upload them there.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations again to our winners:

For 1525 (Link to results):

  • Winners: Kong Kourn and Thomas Le

  • Runner up: Tien Nghiem and Chris Huynh

  • Sharing 3rd place: Jimmy Binh, Truong Vy Lang and Duc Manh Nguyen and Luan Luong

For 1375 (Link to results):

  • Winners: Sonny Valente and Loi Vo

  • Runner up: Luan Vuong and Jason Duong

  • Sharing 3rd place: James and Nicholas Truong and Jimmy Binh and Minh Le

We would like to thanks our sponsors, without your supports, this would not have been possible:

  • Tony Quach from Penny Kha & Associates who is now also a member of AVTA Committee

  • Trung Ho from Matthews Liquor

  • Luan Le from VC Solution

  • Trish Nguyen from 88 Mortgage Broker

  • Jolie Le from JLE Conveyancing

  • Tony Doan from Dr Tony Doan Dentist

  • Nghia Dinh (Vincent)

  • Dat Tran (love the breads and paté)

  • Mimi

We would like to thanks:

  • Players who helped us during the day such as a. Huy, Thomas Le, Tung, Kelvin, Ron, No, Bill...just to name a few who helped with the big banner, pushing the roller to take the water from the courts and Thomas Le to organise the roller from Langley TC

  • Burden Park Tennis Club committee for allowing us to use their great courts and facility and we're looking for forward to long term partnership

  • All players, without you, there wouldn't be a competition

  • Sorry if we have missed anyone but it wouldn't be a great success without everyone contributions

As we look ahead, our next tournament is just around the corner, this time returning to Burwood East. The question on everyone's mind is whether the Burden Park teams can replicate the same remarkable feat. Let anticipation build as we await the answer.

Register now at https://avtatour.com/competitions

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AVTA 1525 & 1375 - May 2023

It's game on this Sunday for our next AVTA 1375 and 1525 tournament. Please read this important information

Tony Phan (aka TuanXiu)
Tony Phan (aka TuanXiu)