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AVTA Tour Final - Men Double 1500 - December 2023

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Group A

1. Tiến Nghiêm + Le Luan
1450 pt.Set: 4/0Game: +10
2. Thang Nguyen + Nicholas Truong
1475 pt.Set: 2/2Game: +4
3. Man Nguyen + Triều Nguyễn
1495 pt.Set: 1/2Game: -3
4. Thomas Le + Q. Nguyen
1475 pt.Set: 0/3Game: -11

Group B

1. Tony Đoàn + No Chhay
1505 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +5
2. Jimmy Bqb + Bill Nguyễn
1510 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +4
3. Tony Quach + Tuấn Đen
1490 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +4
4. Hoang Do + Minh Hoa Vuong
1465 pt.Set: 0/3Game: -13

Group C

1. DUC KOOL + Chris Huynh
1505 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +9
2. Dũng BP + Hùng Hải Phòng
1475 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +2
3. Sonny Velante + Phea Soeur
1495 pt.Set: 1/2Game: -2
4. Tung Hoang + Kelvin Nguyễn
1410 pt.Set: 1/2Game: -9

Group D

1. Tamas Nguyễn + David Truong
1495 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +5
2. Thắng + Đạt Trần
1490 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +4
3. Keo + Trung
1495 pt.Set: 2/1Game: +3
4. Tony Phan + Luân Vương
1505 pt.Set: 0/3Game: -12

Dear Member,

We are excited to share the details of the upcoming AVTA tournament scheduled for Sunday, 3/12/23, at Burden Park, weather permitting. Confirmation will be provided on Wednesday, 29/11/23.

Tournament Details:

Tournament Types:

1375 : Link

1500 : Link

Joining Fee: $120 per team which includes Registration, Gala dinner, and higher prize money.

Payable securely online via Stripe.com. For PayID, find the AVTA PayID details at the end of the Checkout. Include the reference: "AVTA 1375 Dec23 + Names" or “AVTA 15200 Dec23 + Names”.

Additional Information:

Teams exceeding the points limit by up to 10 can sign up by contributing $20/team to the Food and Beverage funds.

Application closes on Monday, 27/11/23. Only teams with completed payments secure their spot.

Complimentary food and soft drinks will be provided. 

Minimum number of teams required: 16


The Tournament Committee welcomes sponsors. Business sponsors' logos can be featured on our tournament banner, with acknowledgments on our website and Facebook page. A special thanks to our 2023 sponsors:

  • Tony Quach from Penny Kha & Associates

  • Trung Ho from Matthews Liquor

  • Luan Le from VC Solution

  • Trish Nguyen from 88 Mortgage Broker

  • Jolie Le from JLE Conveyancing

  • Tony Doan from Dr. Tony Doan Dentist

  • Anh Manh

  • Dat Tran

  • Justin Hai Nguyen

  • Rambo Truong

Team Prizes (have been increased from previous tournaments)

1st Place: Cups + $500

2nd Place: Cups + $300

3rd Place: Cups + $200

Community Support:

We are seeking:

Tournament sponsors (Tournament named after sponsors)

Gala Dinner:

An End of the Year informal Gala dinner will be held for all participants and included in the registration fee.

Family & friends can join at $30 per adult and $10 per child under 14. The event includes drinks, dinner, desserts, live music, karaoke, lucky draws, and a live auction for charity. 

To pay for Family and friends, please use this Stripe payment link: https://buy.stripe.com/5kA4iq5OUgslehWaEF

We aim to make this day memorable as we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of AVTA.

Important Note:

Please carefully review and understand the tournament rules and regulations. Your registration implies acceptance of all AVTA rules. 

For any inquiries, please contact Tony Phan.

We look forward to your active participation and wish you the best of luck in the tournament! 

Best Regards,

Tony Phan

AVTA President


FAQs for the Dec 23 tournaments.

1. Minimum requirement for Men's Doubles:

Answer: The minimum requirement for the Men's Doubles category is 16 teams.

2. Minimum requirement for Mixed Doubles:

Answer: The minimum requirement for the Mixed Doubles category is 8 teams.

3. Gala Dinner Requirement:

Answer: At least one competition must meet the minimum team requirement to organize the Gala dinner.

4. Application Deadline:

Answer: The application closes on Monday, 27/11/23 or reach the maximum number of team at 16. Only teams with completed payments will secure their spot.

5. Refund Policy:

Answer: No refunds will be provided if the competition proceeds, and a team is unavailable to play on the day. Players can be swapped (provided that not excess the maximum point allowed) by contacting organiser at least 2 days before the tournament day - Sunday 3 Dec 23.

6. Game Start and Player Recommendation:

Answer: The first game starts at 8 am. Players are recommended to arrive by 7:30 am for breakfast and warm-up.

7. Disqualification for Late Arrival:

Answer: Teams will be disqualified if they arrive more than 15 minutes late.

8. Ball Change Rule:

Answer: Change to new balls after 3 sets.

9. Format for 3 Competitions:

Answer: If 3 competitions meet the minimum team requirement, all sets are first to Five (5) games, with a tie-breaker at 4 games all (result entry for tie-break sets: 5/4 to the Winning team). Tie-breakers are first to 7 points but max 10 points (first to 10 wins).

10. Format for 2 Competitions:

Answer: If only 2 competitions are going ahead, all sets are first to Six (6) games, with tie-breakers at 5 games all. Tie-breakers are first to 7 points but max 10 points.

11. Tie-break in Quarterfinal, Semi-final, or Final:

Answer: The traditional 12-point tie-break (first to 7 points with a margin of at least 2 points) will be applied to Quarterfinal, Semi-Final, or Final matches.

12. Q: What can I expect from the Gala Dinner?

Answer: The Gala Dinner is a casual BBQ at BPTC starting around 6:30-7:00 pm. It's a chance for players and friends to enjoy meals, catch up, and celebrate the year's end. Plus, it marks the 2nd Anniversary of AVTA. Winners of AVTA Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles will be recognized, and we'll express gratitude to our 2023 major sponsors. The evening includes activities like live music (TBC), karaoke, lucky draws, and potentially a live action for charity.